Cable well for cable laying or as a foundation
Protectus Cable Chamber is a versatile problem solver. 
A lifesaver when it comes to cable laying but also serves as a foundation for flagpoles and larger signposts.

Innovative design offers several benefits

  • Safety – eliminate the risk of cable exposure. Instead of putting a “clone”
    in the network station, it is placed without risk in the cable well
  • Quality – the product is made from the same safe plastic raw material as Snipp &
    SnappĀ®. The thickness of the material and the choice of a proven cast iron
    cover means that the solution will maintain the life of the cable.
  • Environment – the plastic is made of 100% recycled plastic and from the car industry.
    No new raw material is used in production, which reduces the environmental impact
    by up to 80%.
  • Easy installation – can be installed both for new construction or afterwards.