The TC-XX/S is a high speed high energy multi stage transient clamp providing precision clamp protection for electrical/electronic equipment.

The TC-XX/S has a unique five stage protection circuit that gives true protection in all three possible fault modes, both common mode and differential mode fault conditions.

The TC-XX/S final high speed clamp stage has healthy indication on the top of the unit for easy visual inspection of healthy status. Should this fuse link show open circuit the TC-XX/S must be replaced as soon as possible as only primary element will be active.

Under all normal protection conditions the fuse indication will remain healthy and multiple strike protection is retained, only under extreme fault conditions will the fuse indicator open circuit to indicate that the final stage has been stressed or blown.

The TC-XX/S has been designed to give a ghost like effect during normal operation with very low line resistance and very low capacitance at D.C. and low frequency levels.

The TC-XX/S has many applications in various fields of commercial and Industrial environments.

The main applications are in the protection sensitive electronic equipment supplied by medium voltage D.C. or A.C. supplies and general control and interface.

The TC-XX/S will provide repeated protection in lightning intense and power transient environments.

The multi strike capability of the TC-XX/S is reflected in the 5 year warranty given with the device when correctly installed.