Cable Tray for Electricity Distribution

Why do we use cable protection? 

The answer is, of course to protect the cable and increase the safety of the installation. Sometimes it saves on protection, but in our opinion it is only a short-term saving. Rather, a “debt” is built into the projects and becomes significantly more costly in the slightly longer term.

Reduces sand consumption significantly

Protectus Cable trays are another product to reduce transmission losses and at the same time protect the cabling. When using Protectus’s Cable Trays, the consumption of sand is significantly reduced.

When laying, less preparatory work is required and no alternatively significantly less bottom sand. The product protects the cable on the underside and at the same time releases the heat at the top. In most cases, wiring from below is damaged by vascular rupture or prolonged friction. Against these cases, Protectus Cable Tray helps to protect the wiring.

Compared to sand and canvas, Protectus Cable Trays remain and protect cabling over time. You get the protection on the cable and do not have to count on the correction factor.

Protectus Cable trays are assembled very quickly on site and contribute to a better overall economy in projects.