Divisible cable protection pipe for harsh environments

Protectus Sub-Sea is a divisible cable protection tube developed for very difficult conditions. The robust construction provides unique protection in harsh environments, such as open installation, mountains, lakes / seas and other areas where cable faults become costly and time-consuming. The divisibility enables access afterwards.

Cost-effective solution

Protectus robust construction enables more superficial placement and can thus reduce blasting, removal of masses and machine hours, after which Protectus becomes a cost-effective solution that keeps the pace of the projects.

Protectus Sub-sea is a further development of the popular cable protection tube original and has the same properties regarding:

  • Locks and hinges prevent the halves from separating
  • Female / male locking system prevents them from separating longitudinally / lockable in the joint between the pipe parts
  • No tools or prior knowledge during assembly are needed

Protectus Sub-Sea design also makes it possible to:

  • Bolt the pipes directly into the rock
  • Hang the pipes in the bridge
  • Attach sea weights according to desired interval distance
The integrated functions in the SRE-P cable protection pipe enable a sea weight to be attached directly to the pipe.
Demonstration of the SRE-P tube's functions such as  allows access of the cable after installation.