LB Fosters Bridge Strike Monitoring system is in use with HD CCTV cameras to display on demand both leading edge bridge damage, under beam damage to rivet detail – and view a mechanical ‘Tell-Tale’ which indicates deck displacement from 3mm.

Any reported bridge strike incident requires line speed to be dropped until a bridge engineer inspects the bridge for movement / damage. Fines for delays from train operators can be many $1000’s Operational Safety cannot be compromised meaning structural integrity must be confirmed following strike.

The system has been installed as a pilot across 62 bridges nationwide in the UK for NWR. (Some 434 Axis HD 720 Cameras in total).


  • Power: Solar, with 4 day autonomy
  • Communications: 3G via a secure VPN
  • Customer Interface: Custom web pages to provide detailed views of structure
  • Control Centre provision