The PT Series is a combined Power Supply and Battery Charger system with integrated standby battery management ideally suited for small uninterruptable instrument supply applications.

Just connect mains supply, standby battery and load for an industrial grade standby power supply system.

This DIN rail mounted product is ideal for providing dc power to instrument systems where battery backup is necessary to ensure continuous system operation during power failure.

Applications include RTUs, dataloggers, remote field instruments, alarm systems and access controllers.

Managing battery-backed systems for optimum backup time and battery life can be tricky and expensive. This product incorporates many features that make installing such systems simple and foolproof.

Batteries are capable of delivering enormous currents under system fault conditions that can damage wiring and equipment. The PT5000C incorporates a load cutout, which disconnects the load under over-current fault condition to protect system wiring.

During prolonged power outages, the back-up battery will eventually discharge. If the load remains connected, the battery enters its deep discharge phase, which can cause irreparable damage to the battery, and reduce its capacity and life. The PT Series incorporates an undervoltage cutout that disconnects the load when the battery voltage begins to fall.

In locations prone to large temperature variations, such as outdoor mounted enclosures, the optimum charge voltage on the battery changes significantly. The Series is equipped with an optional temperature sensor input for compensation to ensure that the battery is not over-charged or under-capacity across a wide operating temperature range.

This product is well proven in RTU and remote standby applications exposed to harsh environments.