The Omni16C Annunciator replaces the Omni16A and B series annunciators with one product offering the option of incandescent lamps, backlit LED or Sidebar LED indicator windows. Omni16C is a panel mounted annunciator with optional integral Test, Silence, Acknowledge, Reset Pushbuttons (sacrificing one alarm window) or uses externally wired pushbuttons.

The 16 inputs accept potential free inputs and are individually “DIP” switch configured for N.O. or N.C. operation. Inputs are wired to terminals at the rear of the annunciator. Optional Inputs boards for com negative (PLC compatible) or fully isolated 19-60Vdc or 90-150 Vac/dc are also available. The alarm sequence for the 16 inputs is also configured by DIP switch with a choice of 27 standard sequences. Four output relays can be configured as group alarm, horn output and watchdog with a change over contact at the terminals.

The group alarm can be set to one of four functions, Follows input, follows alarm, Multiple reflash, Ringback horn. An Inhibit input is provided to optionally disable all the inputs on the annunciator during startup/maintenance. Input repeats and Lamp repeats are available using an optional ribbon header terminal board C1426. Omniflex has completely re-designed the Omni16C with new technology to compliment PLC’s in applications where alarm annunciation is required using serial communications.