TEW provide the control & display hardware to display data for the Control Room.

This can be in the form of the visual display at the signal control centre indicating the current status of railway network or Oil/Gas Platform for Fire & Gas or Emergency Shutdown systems.

A schematic plan of the railway or process will be illuminated to indicate. Other indications display the on/off state of signals, the entrance and exit signals for routes and sometimes the position in which points switches. Many Control systems use a Mosaic System, traditionally identified as the “domino”, “tiled” or “mosaic” system.

The TEW Group own & manufacture the World’s leading Mosaic Mimic System , called Subklew SM24 The system which shows in/out display for train movement, built over 24mm or 48mm tiles. Incorporating indicators, annunciators and pushbuttons, the system enables the user to clearly see and interact with the live information.
Modern technology has introduced video or dynamic display units to replace mosaic control panels, but the principles of operation are the same.

The TEW Group are the leading provider of Control and Display in the Oil & Gas & Rail Industries.